What is a non-indictable offense in new jersey?

Considered less serious offenses, and comparable to misdemeanors in other States, non-indictable offenses not subject to grand jury presentment in New Jersey.

Examples include disorderly and petty disorderly offenses.

Non-indictable offenses are generally punishable by a fine or jail sentence of no more than six months. Though often heard in the Municipal Court, a case heard in Superior Court can be resolved by amending the charges into a non-indictable offense.


what is an indictable offense in new jersey?

Comparable to a felony in other States, indictable crimes are serious offenses that are brought up to a grand jury.

They are classified by degree in the order of their seriousness from a first degree crime to a fourth degree crime, with first degree offenses having the most severe penalties.

Indictable offenses are generally punishable by a fine or jail sentence of more than six months.

All Indictable offenses are heard in the Superior Court.

the police called me to come to the precinct and answer some questions/give my version of the story, should i go?

Contact an Attorney immediately. It is always best to have legal representation before talking to the the police in order to secure your rights.

can i waive child support if both parties agree to it?

No. Under New Jersey Law Child Support cannot be waived.

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